Gubsø Classic Car Garage


Silkeborg, DK 2018-2021

Workshop and visitor center

Cornelius Vöge (lead consultant), Stokvad Rådgivende Ingeniører, arkitekt Peter Zinck,

3500 m2

Gubsø Classic Car Garage


Gubsø Classic Car Garage defines a new, unique building typology. Specialist workshops for the restoration of classic cars, are combined with the more extrovert functions of showrooms, restaurant, club and conference facilities. The project seeks to embrace the cultural heritage of classic cars in an architecture which both directly references the cars themselves but also the buildings they were originally built in. The atmosphere and details found in historical industrial buildings was a starting point of inspiration for the buildings. Historically, factory buildings have primarily been the result of an unemotional and rational way of thinking- however there was often a strong desire for these buildings to showcase a company’s ability and power.

The GCCG is based upon the classic typology of factory buildings and halls. The buildings are arranged as 5 splayed long halls, separated by external streets which stretch out towards the scenic meadow. By turning each hall in relation to each other, the external streets become wedge shaped, opening and emphasising the views across the meadow. Visitors can enjoy this view from the restaurant, club room and conference facilities.

The workshops for the restoration of vintage Bugatti’s are connected together by an internal “workshop street”, where specialised workshops for bodywork, engines, car mechanics, carpentry, leatherwork and brass moulding are located on either side. Through large gates, the cars can be driven indoors and throughout the building, connecting the entire complex together.

Photographer: Anders Sune Berg for Petersen Tegl