Odense, DK 2015-2018

Indb. konkurrence, 1. præmie

Isager arkitekter, Masanti rådg. ing.

600 m2 nybyggeri med 8 boliger

Fonden Danske Veteranhjem, AP Møller Fonden


The Veteran’s Home in Odense is the first newly built home for Danish soldiers. The building is constructed as an independent building within the grounds of the existing Solider Home Dannevirke in Odense, designed by Hjalmar Kjær in 1912. The area is surrounded by Fynsk defence history, with the neighbourhood of the former Fynske barracks on one side of the site and Ansgar Park on the other. It is an area of great peace and quiet despite the urban environment.

The project focuses upon the tranquillity of the site. Gentle homogeneity connects the new building to the old. White painted masonry facades and red roof tiles reference the existing building, whereas an inner courtyard opens to a large glass façade. Neither building, the new or the existing, will lie about their age. They will each reflect their own era.

The new building is accessed from the west of the site. Parking is located close to the main entrance, to ensure ease of access for all. Entrance to the building is through the centrally located 2 storey courtyard. From the main entrance, there is access to the communal area, with views across a lush private garden. The eight temporary accommodation rooms are divided between the two floors of the building, each in separate “wings”, turning away from the communal areas to allow for privacy and calm. Brick “fins” along the façade serve as screens between each room, defining alternating zones of privacy in the transition between the residential and outdoor spaces.