atelier for arkitektur
Hedegade 1
DK-4000 Roskilde
t: +45 2290 0695

Member of Danske Ark
Børsen Gazelle 2013 og 2014

Nykredits Motivationspris
Odense Municipality Architectural Award
Roskilde Municipality Architectural award
Danish Arts Foundation 3-year grant

CORNELIUS + VÖGE was established in 2006 by architects Nanna Vöge and Dan Cornelius. The studio is located in a former printer’s workshop in the heart of Roskilde. The studio provides architectural solutions for buildings and planning. We primarily work with cultural and public buildings, housing, urban planning, cultural planning, social planning, strategies for stakeholders, climate change adaptation projects, etc. The studio has built several award-winning buildings and won several international and national architectural competitions, among others Hatlehol Church and Cultural Center in Norway and the North Atlantic House in Odense. We see architecture as a communicative form of art, where buildings tell stories. 

Our approach can be described as a narrative, Nordic architecture with distinctive and innovative expressions that are based on our common cultural history and identity. Our intention is to merge the qualities of the building site with the programmatic aspect in a symbiosis based on a strong architectural concept expressed in a simple, modern and distinctive language. Each task’s complexity is approached through the study of space, structure, details, materials and techniques. 

Sustainability is a natural and integrated part of the studio works. Over the years we have worked with established  tools and philosophies such as BREEAM, LEED, Cradle to Cradle and Circular Economy. We think sustainability holistically and focus on creating most value for each project.  

Nykredit Motivationspris 2015 
Nominated for LEAF Award 2014 - Best mixed use building in Europe, North Atlantic House 
Odense Municipality, Architectural Prize, North Atlantic House,  2014  
Odinprisen, North Atlantic House, 2014       
Nominated for RENOVERPRISEN 2013 - Best refurbishment of the year, Poplen youth centre 
Grant, Danish Arts Foundation, 2012    
Roskilde Municipality. Architectural Prize, Villa Marstrand-Wadt 2009 
Grant, Danish Crafts, 2007 
3-year grant, Danish Arts Foundation, 2006-2008 
Grant, Danish Arts Foundation, 2004 
 Grant, Danish Arts Foundation, 2003 
1. pr., Veterans Home, Odense, DK 2015 
1. pr., Skousbo housing area, Viby Sj., DK 2015 
1. pr., Transformation of closed schools, Nr. Vium, Ringkøbing, DK 2014 
1. pr., Daycare Centre, Frederikssundsvej, Brønshøj, DK 2013 
Purchase, Klaksvik City Centre, FA, 2012 
Purchase, Ålesund Sjøside, NO 2011 
2. pr., Køge Kyst, DK, 2010 
2. pr., Ålandsgadekarré, DK 2010 
1. pr., Byens Ø - 2. phase, DK 2010 
1. pr., Byens Ø - open phase, DK 2009 
1. pr., Hatlehol Church, NO, 2009 
3. pr., Fløng Parish Centre, DK 2008 
3. pr., Cultural Building Faxe, DK 2006 
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Dan Cornelius, arkitekt maa. 
Royal Academy, School of architecture, Copenhagen 1999 
Member of Kunstnersamf. 2007-2019 
Examiner at the School of Architecture in Copenhagen and Århus and Design School of Kolding appointed by Akademiraadet 
Jury member of Architectural Prize Committee in Guldborgsund appointed by Arkitektforeningen 
Jury member appointed by Danske Ark and Arkitektforeningen 
Nanna Vöge, arkitekt maa 
Royal Academy, School of architecture, Copenhagen 1997 
ETSAM, Madrid, 1995-96 
Co-founder of INSP! - social economic organization